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Assessment Philosophy

National American University provides quality career and professional undergraduate and graduate programs and continuing education to students from diverse backgrounds; interests and abilities (please refer to the NAU mission statement). In order to achieve its mission, the university community recognizes the importance of:

  • Developing strategic and operational plans that are consistent with the stated mission, which promote quality academic and institutional support services and encourage excellent teaching and effective learning;
  • Designing new academic programs and support services after appropriate research and planning have been completed so that quality is "built in" to any design;
  • Identifying important indicators for academic programs and student services which can be used to measure student learning outcomes and the quality of services provided within and across university departments;
  • Measuring these important indicators in a systematic and continuous manner with peer group analysis of resultant data to determine whether areas for improvement in undergraduate and graduate student learning or related services are present;
  • Implementing recommended actions, when indicated, and continuing to measure these areas until improvement can be documented; and
  • Incorporating the findings from this improvement process into future strategic, budget and operational plans.

Consistent with this philosophy, every student at NAU shall participate in periodic assessment evaluations as a requirement for graduation in order for the university to measure and improve student learning outcomes and student services. A variety of academic and institutional assessment methods are used and may include examinations, competency checklists, portfolio assignments, survey participation, or other means of assessment.