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Learning Resource Center/Online Library

National American University's Learning Resource Centers (LRCs)/Online Library are dedicated to assisting and supporting students, faculty and staff at all campuses. Resources are chosen to assist all in achieving success in their academic programs and careers with a collection of current and timely information in a variety of formats. Most campuses have hard copy resources including books, journals, magazines, newspapers and other publications that support the academic programs. All campuses have access to the NAU Online Library. The Online Library includes the National American University catalog, e-books, tutorials, and myriad electronic searchable databases including those provided by: ProQuest, EBSCO, Credo, LearningExpress, Ebrary, Mosby's, OVID, LexisNexis, NBClearn, and WorldCat. Any resources not available locally can be ordered through interlibrary loan. Ask-a-librarian email reference service is available 7-days per week to support students library needs.