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MT6810 - Masters Thesis II - 4.5 Credits

This course is a continuation of MT6805 (MT6805 - Masters Thesis I - 4.5 Credits, http://www.) - Master's Thesis I. The student will continue his/her research in a pertinent field of studies as chosen determined in MT6805 (MT6805 - Masters Thesis I - 4.5 Credits, http://www.). The student's work will be supervised by a graduate faculty member. The course may require, but is not limited to conferences, electronic reports, presentations and papers as evidence of work progress and project completion. The thesis project must provide evidence of originality, appropriate organization, clarity of purpose, critical analysis, and accuracy and completeness of documentation. It should be noted that the quality of work accomplished is a major consideration in judging acceptability of the final presentation and paper. Students who select the thesis option must satisfactorily complete both Thesis I and II.

Prerequisites: MT6255, MT6805, and approval of dean of graduate studies