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Program Requirements

The Master of Management (MM) degree provided by National American University consists of two requirements: graduate core courses and elective courses. Once a student has completed the first two courses (MT6700 & MT6200), they will begin taking the emphasis courses providing they have met the prerequisites for those courses.

The MM degree may be earned under a non-thesis or a thesis plan. Under the non-thesis option, the student must complete 40.5 hours of graduate-level core courses and 13.5 hours of electives. Under the thesis option plan, the student complete 40.5 hours of graduate-level core courses, 4.5 hours of electives and nine (9.0) hours of thesis.

An in-depth analysis of a case, accomplished in the Strategy and Policy course, is designed to integrate the MM core areas and is required in both the non-thesis and thesis options to satisfy the university's requirement for a comprehensive program assessment.