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Academic Success Appraisal

The purposes of the academic success appraisal are to:

  1. Encourage academic success and degree completion.
  2. Identify existing knowledge and skills in both reading and sentence skills, mathematics, and computer literacy.
  3. Provide students with feedback about their basic skills.
  4. Aid in the appropriate course placement in English or mathematics and advise the student if pre-college studies are needed.
  5. Recommend a course of study in which the student may reasonably expect to achieve academic success.

As an open-enrollment institution, NAU requires all degree-seeking students to complete academic success appraisals at the time of enrollment or provide evidence of successfully completed college-level English and mathematics courses or equivalent. Course completion or equivalents are defined as follows:

  1. A student has successfully completed college-level algebra and/or composition ("C" grade or above) and has submitted a copy of a college transcript as documentation.
  2. A student has successfully completed the CLEP College Composition and/or College Algebra examination with a passing score as defined by the CLEP program, and has submitted a copy of the official CLEP transcript as documentation.
  3. A student has successfully completed the equivalent Advanced Placement (AP) English and/or mathematics examinations with a score of 3 or above and has submitted a copy of the official AP transcript as documentation.