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NAU continually strives to provide students with an exceptional learning experience. At NAU, we take great pride in our unyielding commitment to the success of each of our students, and we fully understand the importance of our students’ commitment to their own personal and academic growth.

NAU understands the demands of today’s learners. Most NAU students are balancing their time between school, work, and family. Online courses allow students the flexibility to complete course work throughout the week. As long as students have Internet availability, they can access their courses 24/7 from anywhere around the world.

Students interested in learning more about online courses should visit NAU's website at


In accordance with NAU’s attendance policy, students must actively participate at least once per week to be counted present in their online course. Simply logging into the course is not considered attendance; therefore, failure to actively participate may result in withdrawal from the course after 14 consecutive days of non-attendance.

Online students are required to actively participate in a weekly activity in order to be counted present. Weekly activities may include completing a quiz, posting a substantial discussion post, or submitting a required item to the drop box. The online courses are designed to include at least one of these items each week, please refer to the course schedule within the online classroom for weekly requirements.

Weekly participation in online classes is critical to each student's academic success. Failure to participate in weekly activities may affect a student's academic performance; furthermore, it may also result in administrative withdrawal.

Participation within the online courses can be verified through the student's access to the secured host site. As a result, the student’s participation is permanently recorded through the learning management system.

A student's weekly involvement in course activities can be measured by active participation in the academic endeavor. Students who do not participate within the course in a consistent fashion may jeopardize their academic standing.

Students who have attended past the first 60 percent of the scheduled term, as published in the academic calendar, will not be dropped for non-attendance.

Certificates of Completion

Through its international Best of Both Worlds – IDP™ affiliations, NAU offers certificates of completion for course work designed to meet the specific needs of learners and employers in select foreign countries. These certificates of completion are not available to students in the United States.

Test Proctoring

To help ensure the academic integrity of the examination process at NAU, each online student is required to utilize the test proctor system, which ensures that a verified, neutral third person administers certain formal examinations in the student's online courses. Students are able to complete their online, proctored final exams using a webcam in the virtual presence of a proctor.