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Business Administration: Bachelor of Science Degree, Emphasis in Pre-Law

For students whose goal is to attend law school, National American University offers a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration, with emphasis in Pre-law. The curriculum is designed to provide students with a foundation of knowledge and skills to facilitate their success in law school. Specialized courses promote the development of analytical and critical thinking skills, verbal and written communication skills, a fundamental understanding of substantive and procedural law, legal research skills, and knowledge of ethical guidelines governing the conduct of attorneys. Other courses in business and general education provide students with a broad base of knowledge for success in today's complex society.

Students who earn this degree may apply for admission to law school. Students should check the admission requirements of each law school in which they are interested in attending. Generally, to be admitted into law school, a person must have earned a bachelor's degree with a high grade point average and have performed well on the Law School Admission Test. Success in gaining admission to, and achieving success in law school is contingent upon the ability and effort of each student. Receipt of this degree does not ensure that a student will be admitted to, or succeed in law school.

Students who receive this degree, but do not subsequently earn a law degree, may pursue a variety of careers in which the above-mentioned knowledge and skills may be utilized. In many states, a person with this degree may qualify as a paralegal or legal assistant who can assist a licensed attorney, subject to state regulations. Only licensed attorneys may practice law. A person who earns this degree may not engage in activities considered to be the practice of law, including giving legal advice, representing a client in court, or setting legal fees.

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Apply concepts, theories, and analytical methods in the functional areas of business.
  • Analyze typical challenges that business decision makers are likely to face and recommend solutions, using critical thinking skills and ethical decision making models.
  • Demonstrate effective collaboration and teamwork skills.
  • Demonstrate a fundamental knowledge of substantive and procedural law.