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Fresh Start Policy

The Fresh Start Policy provides a student who left NAU without completing an academic program, an opportunity to return and start again with a new cumulative grade point average. The Fresh Start Policy is an option only for students who have not taken a course at NAU for at least five academic years.

The Fresh Start Policy student will retain previous credit that was completed with a grade of "C" or better. It will be applied to the requirements of the student's current academic program. An asterisk will denote courses deleted through the Fresh Start Policy on the transcript. For Satisfactory Academic Progress purposes, the grades the student earned during previous attendance must be calculated in the cumulative GPA, and the corresponding credit hours must be calculated in the successful completion rate.

The student must apply for consideration of the option at the time of readmission and the "Fresh Start" can be made only once during a student's academic career at NAU. The academic dean will review the student's request for entering the Fresh Start Program and his/her current academic goals before granting the student provisional admission into the Fresh Start Policy. The student will be considered on probation status until he/she has completed 12 new quarter hours. The eligible student will be granted Fresh Start Policy officially only after completion of 12 new quarter hours with a GPA of 2.0 or higher. Once accepted, the student cannot petition for any other transcript modification (such as a change of program with grade deletion).