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Legal Studies

Paralegal Studies

Paralegals, sometimes called legal assistants, may be employed in law firms; corporate legal departments; local, state, and federal government offices; bank and trust departments; and other offices that require a specialized understanding of the law and the legal system. Paralegals may also be employed in other careers that require excellent analytical and communication skills.

Under the supervision of an attorney, a paralegal may interview clients and witnesses; draft court pleadings and other legal documents; perform legal research; review medical, police and other records; attend hearings; assist in trial preparations; and assist at trial. A paralegal may not engage in activities considered to be the practice of law, including giving legal advice, representing a client in court, or setting legal fees.

Paralegal Studies Program Admissions

In addition to the university’s admissions requirements and instructions, the following admissions requirement is program specific.

Any person convicted of a felony may not serve as a paralegal in the state of South Dakota without the approval of the South Dakota Supreme Court.