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NS1050 - Adult Health Needs I - 4 Credits

This course will focus on the role of the professional nurse in application of the nursing process to meet the holistic healthcare needs of clients throughout the adult and older adult years. Emphasis is placed on nursing and pharmacological interventions in the care of clients with acute and chronic health conditions across the health-illness continuum in acute and long-term care settings. The course focuses on the concepts of pain management, fluid and electrolyte balance, perioperative care, care of the client with cancer, death and dying, infection and inflammation, and shock syndromes. Disorders of the musculoskeletal, integumentary, respiratory, and reproductive systems are presented. Health promotion, health maintenance, and illness prevention concepts will be linked with caring and cultural congruent care. (30 hours theory, 20 hours lab)

Prerequisite: NS1030, NS1031, and NS1040; (NS1050 and NS1051 must be taken concurrently)

Delivery: on campus