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NS2022 - Mental Health Needs of Clients and Families Clinical - 2 Credits

This course provides the associate degree nursing student with the opportunity to develop interpersonal skills for caring for clients, across the lifespan, who may be encountering difficulties in the perceptual or behavioral spheres. Students will develop culturally sensitive care plans using nursing process to meet the needs of the mental health client and the family. The professional nursing student will develop a teaching plan around client diagnosis or treatment and share with the client using therapeutic communication. The student will be able to assess the client and the environment for safety issues which may impair the provision of a therapeutic milieu. The student will integrate nursing care that considers dignity, worth, uniqueness, and the rights of individual clients and families. Students are provided faculty-guided and supervised clinical experiences in order to develop competence and confidence in the providing direct client care. (60 hours clinical)

Prerequisite: SO1050 or PS1050, NS2031, and NS2032; (NS2021 and NS2022 must be taken concurrently)

Delivery: on campus