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NS2032 - Adult Health Needs II Clinical - 7 Credits

This course provides the associate degree nursing student with the opportunity to incorporate advanced medical/surgical nursing concepts and care in a healthcare environment for complex and potentially medically unstable adult and older adult clients. The student will implement the principles and psychomotor skills learned in previous and concurrent courses, and manage health promotion and maintenance for assigned clients. The learner will provide holistic and culturally congruent nursing care with emphasis on the discriminating management of nursing care, implementation of the nursing process, psychosocial and culturally congruent client relationships, clinical judgment, communication and documentation, health and physical assessment, and advanced nursing procedures in acute and subacute care settings. Students are provided faculty-guided and supervised clinical experiences in order to develop competence and confidence in providing direct client care. (210 hours clinical)

Prerequisites: PS2000, NS1050, and NS1051; (NS2031 and NS2032 must be taken concurrently)

Delivery: on campus