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NS3012 - Complex Adult Health Needs Clinical - 6 Credits

This clinical course provides the associate degree nursing student the opportunity to integrate all the components of the professional nursing role in acute care and subacute settings. The student will demonstrate leadership, management and culturally congruent care, and skill to care for clients with diverse and complex needs across the lifespan. Students will have the opportunity to demonstrate synthesis of clinical competence and clinical judgment, and respond to complex and emergent client health needs. Students will have the opportunity to organize and prioritize care needs of multiple clients and justify the care of assigned clients. Students are provided faculty-guided and supervised clinical experiences in enhancing clinical judgment and in providing direct client care. (180 hours clinical)

Prerequisite: NS2011, NS2012, NS2021, and NS2022; (NS3011 and NS3012 must be taken concurrently)

Delivery: on campus