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NS4300 - Concept Integration for the Professional Nursing Role I - 5 Credits

This course focuses on the role of the professional nurse in meeting the holistic health needs of the childbearing family. The nursing process is utilized to identify and meet the needs of the childbearing family and to provide family-centered psychosocial and culturally sensitive care. Concepts of pharmacology specific to the maternity client will be presented. The nursing student will have the opportunity to incorporate maternal/newborn and nursing care concepts in varied healthcare environments. It affords the student an opportunity to implement the principles and psychomotor skills learned in previous and concurrent courses. The student will provide holistic, culturally congruent nursing care to the childbearing family. Emphasis is placed on the competent application of nursing care skills and principles to the childbearing family as the client, utilizing and implementing the nursing process. Communication, clinical judgment, therapeutic client relationships, documentation, and health and physical assessment will be coupled with advanced nursing procedures. Students are provided faculty-guided, supervised clinical experiences in maternal/newborn nursing care (theory, lab, and clinical).

Delivery: on campus