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Pharmacy Technician: Associate of Applied Science Degree

The growing use of prescription medications has created a need for formally trained pharmacy technicians. National American University’s Associate of Applied Science (AAS) program provides the knowledge and skills necessary to perform the duties and responsibilities required of pharmacy technicians. These duties include assisting pharmacists in safely providing medication and healthcare products to patients, record keeping, and inventory management in a professional medical environment. Pharmacy technicians are also responsible for communicating with pharmacists, healthcare professionals and patients to ensure that quality care is being provided.

The AAS program at National American University is designed to benefit individuals new to pharmacy, and current pharmacy technicians interested in enhancing their skills and formalizing their training. In addition, they are offered in a manner that accommodates traditional students and working adults. The associate degree provides the opportunity to develop the knowledge and skills important for college-educated adults through additional studies in communications, humanities, mathematics, and social and behavioral sciences.

Student Learning Outcomes

Graduates of the program will:

  • Demonstrate competence as an entry-level pharmacy technician during clinical experiences through interpersonal communication skills and caring customer service attitudes.
  • Apply basic information technology skills, management skills for data entry, billing, purchasing, and inventory skills, while using knowledge of pharmacy laws, regulations, and professional standards.
  • Identify, select, measure, prepare and package extemporaneous or commercial pharmaceutical products by integrating drug therapeutic knowledge, to accurately and effectively provide pharmaceutical care.
  • Create a plan to graduate from the pharmacy technician program, obtain the national pharmacy technician certification, maintain the certification through continuing education, and contribute to pharmacy technician education through professional pharmacy organizations and program assessments.
  • Exhibit proactive behavior in providing pharmaceutical care to meet diverse patient needs.
  • Acquire knowledge, skills, and abilities needed for practice as an entry-level pharmacy technician.