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Transcripts of Records

An official transcript is a certified copy of a student’s permanent record that shows the academic status of the student at the time of issuance. The registrar in Rapid City will release transcripts upon formal written request by the student. Requests must include the student’s full name, as recorded while attending NAU ; Social Security Number or Student ID number; date of birth; campus last attended; current address, telephone number and e-mail address; number of copies desired; last term of attendance (if known); to whom and where the transcripts are to be sent; and the student’s original signature. Transcripts may be withheld because of indebtedness to the university.

  1. One copy of an official transcript will be issued to a graduate free of charge.
  2. A $10 charge will be assessed for all subsequent official transcripts. A $15 charge will be assessed for same-day processing of any transcript.
  3. No charge will be made for official transcripts issued directly to the following agencies:
    1. Scholarship agencies (i.e. embassies, BIA)
    2. Company/military tuition assistance
    3. Exam agencies (i.e. CPA, ABA)
    4. Prospective employers
  4. There is no charge for an unofficial transcript (computer listing of courses and grades) released to current students.