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Zona Rosa

Mehran Ansari, BS, Computer Information Systems, Friends University (2000); MS, Management Information Systems, Friends University (2001).

Laura Bean, BA, Liberal Arts, University of Missouri (2001); MA, Information Science and Learning Technology, University of Missouri (2003); MA, International Studies, University of Kansas (2006); MS Biology, University of Nebraska (2008).

Leanna Brunner, BA, English, Missouri Western State (1990); MA, English, Northwest Missouri State University (1993).

Douglas Burns, BA, Biology, University of Missouri (1975); PhD, Molecular Biology, Vanderbilt University (1988).

Thomas Canfield, BA, English, Truman State University (1991); MA, English, Truman State University (1993); PhD, English, University of Louisiana at Lafayette (1998).

Gwyn Collier, BS, Healthcare Services, Avila University (2005); Certificate, Business, Avila University (2007); MBA, Avila University (2009).

David Fox, AAS, Electronics, DeVry Institute of Technology (1990); AAS, EMT/Paramedic, Metropolitan Community College (1991); BSN, Nursing, University of Kansas (1994). MBA/HCM, Health Care Management, University of Phoenix (2007).

Clyde Gooden, BA, Business Administration, Mid America Nazarene University (1991); MBA, Mid America Nazarene University (1996).

Evelyn Harden, AA, The Metropolitan Community Colleges (1982); BS, Management/Health Care, Park College (1988); MPA, Government-Business Relations, Park University (1990).

Melissa Hazlett, BA, Psychology, William Jewell College (1997); MA, Counseling, Webster University (2000).

Shelly Hinson, AA, Maple Woods Community College (2000); BA, Business Administration, Park University (2002); JD, University of Missouri - Kansas City (2005).

Roy Hutcheon, BS, Mathematics, Bob Jones University (1978); MS, Mathematical Science, Clemson University (1980).

Asefaw Indrias, BS, Management, Park University (1989); MPA, Public Management, Park University (1993); DBA, Business Administration, University of Phoenix (2010).

Sharon Jackson, AAS, Nursing, Metropolitan Community College (1994); BSN, Webster University (1999); MSN, Webster University (2006).

Susan Klawuhn, Diploma, Nursing, Methodist Medical Center (1977); BSN, Missouri Western State University (1997); MSN, Nursing Education, Walden University (2009).

Lisa Lawrence, BA, Political Science, University of Missouri (1999); JD, University of Missouri (2002).

Zachary Luea, BS, Education-History, Kansas State University (1999); JD, Washburn University (2004).

Bronyal McFadden, AS, Nursing, Park University (2000); MBA, Management, University of Mary (2010); MSN, University of Mary (2010).

Arlo Millen, BS, Zoology, Kansas State University (1969); MS, Biology, Emporia State University (1973).

Edward Moore, BS, Criminal Justice/Administration of Justice, University of Central Missouri (1985); JD, University of Missouri - Kansas City (1992).

Kodi Moore, BS, Food and Nutrition Dietetics, Northwest Missouri State University (2008); MS, Dietetics and Nutrition, University of Kansas (2009).

Ann Moss, BSN, Lander University (1993); MSN, University of Phoenix (2008).

David Noll, BS, Kinesiology, Kansas State University (1997); MD, University of Kansas (2002).

Alan Organ, BS, Chemistry, University of California - Los Angeles (1969); PhD, Biology, University of Kansas (1972); MD, University of Missouri (1976).

Claudia Perry, BS, Education, Northeast Missouri State University (1978); MA, Teaching, Webster University (1995).

Carl Pihl, BS, Computer Information Systems, Friends University (2007); MBA, Friends University (2009).

Danae Roberts, BS, Home Economics, University of Missouri (1975); MS, Education, University of Kansas (2002); PhD, Education, University of Kansas (2006).

Wesley Rogers, BA, Geography, University of Missouri (2003); MA, History, University of Missouri (2003); JD, University of Missouri (2007).

Jill Smith, AA, Metropolitan Community College (1995); BSN, St. Luke's College of Health Sciences (1998).

John Sparkman, BS, Medical Technology, Purdue University (1999); MBA, Business Administration, Indiana Tech (2006).

Joseph Wilner, BA, Psychology, University of Kansas (2006); MLA, Management and Leadership, Baker University (2008); MA, Psychology, University of Saint Mary (2009).