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Students are expected to attend all class sessions. If a student misses 14 consecutive days without contacting the instructor and campus academic dean or advisor, he/she may be administratively dropped from the course. The 14 day count begins from the last day of attendance in the course. University holidays, weekends and campus closures are included as days without attendance. If the student misses 21 consecutive days of class, the student will be administratively dropped. Instructors are encouraged to establish appropriate attendance standards, including grade adjustments.

Attendance in Online Classes

In accordance with NAU’s attendance policy, students must actively participate at least once per week to be counted present in their online course. Simply logging into the course is not considered attendance; therefore, failure to actively participate weekly may result in withdrawal from the course after two consecutive weeks of non-attendance.

Online students are required to actively participate in a weekly activity in order to be counted present. Weekly activities may include completing a quiz, posting a substantial discussion post, or submitting a required item to the drop box. The online courses are designed to include at least one of these items each week, please refer to the course schedule within the online classroom for weekly requirements.

Weekly participation in online classes is critical to each student's academic success. Failure to participate in weekly activities may affect a student's academic performance; furthermore, it may also result in administrative withdrawal.

Participation within the online courses can be verified through the student's access to the secured host site. As a result, the student’s participation is permanently recorded through the learning management system.

A student's weekly involvement in course activities can be measured by active participation in the academic endeavor. Students who do not participate within the course in a consistent fashion may jeopardize their academic standing.

Students who have attended past the first 60 percent of the scheduled term, as published in the academic calendar, will not be dropped for non-attendance.

Contingency Plan

National American University's grading policy outlines specifically that full credit will not be awarded for late submissions unless you have prior approval from the instructor. Contacting your instructor late on the evening of the due date is not an acceptable method for seeking approval. The instructor must be given ample time to review your request and respond to your email. If you suspect you may need to seek late approval from an instructor, it is best to ask for permission early. Therefore, always be prepared with a contingency plan.

  1. Work ahead early in the week to ensure that you are not scrambling on the final day with questions about the curriculum.
  2. Have at least two alternative locations identified from which you can access your classes in the event that your internet connection, computer, or electricity fails. There are many locations which offer free Wi-Fi, such as coffee shops. Public libraries and Kinko's are good resources also. You may have friends or family across town that still have access. Have a backup computer or establish access to a friend's computer or work with the local library. Most libraries rent computer time or offer it for free.
  3. If you have an emergency (i.e. hospitalization, car accident, etc.) notify your instructor immediately. If you cannot physically access your course, call your learner services advisor as soon as possible.

Due Dates/Late Assignments

All graded activities are due no later than 11:59 PM Sunday night (MT) of the week in which it is due, or as otherwise directed in the course or by the instructor. Any graded activity submitted after its due date is subject to a 10 percent deduction of the total possible points for the first week it is late, 50 percent of the total possible points for the second week it is late, and 0 percent of the total possible points if it is more than two weeks late. Extenuating circumstances may justify exceptions, which are at the sole discretion of the instructor.

*Note: This policy does NOT apply to exams. Exams MUST be taken during the prescribed times to receive ANY credit.