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Grievance Procedures

If a student experiences a problem while interacting with the university, the student should attempt to promptly resolve the issue with the individual or individuals involved in the situation. If the issue is not resolved after such attempt, the student may wish to visit with another person within the university. The student may ask for guidance from deans, program chairpersons, managers, directors and supervisors as to the best way to address the matter. Nothing prevents a student from going right to the top, to the president, but several other persons at different levels of the organization may be able to effectively address the problem. Raising and communicating an issue or a problem may be part of the student’s responsibility. Students can consult with the academic dean/learner services advisor in regards to any grievance procedure. Formal grievance procedures exist in the areas of grade review, academic standards, etc. Due process is guaranteed.

Students should ask questions and get involved. Students are encouraged to voice any concerns and to interact productively with the university and the administration of policies that relate to them and their well-being.